The workshop

is located in Vertou, south of Nantes, on the banks of the Sèvre, in the Loire valley vineyard. Born in 2019, this workshop is home for the illuminations I produce either in small series or as unique pieces. They can be or medieval inspiration or rely on a more contemporary iconography but always use noble and natural materials suchy as parchment (goat, kid, sheep or calf) as well as mineral or vegetable pigments, earths and ochres. My binders are based on egg-white, honey-water and arabic gum. The chain of production is therefore controlled from end to end and relies on techniques that have been tried and tested for more than 1,000 years.

"Heritage is not bound to be kept locked away in some dusty glass cabinet of the past. Provided you understand it and respect its codes and values, you then can mix it with modernism without altering its nature.

Isabelle Stanislas, interior designer 

A French passion

This is the workshop of a local miniaturist : France Conquer.
"Fascinated by  the world of medieval manuscripts, I have followed for over twenty years profesionnal trainings provided by professionals, illuminators, calligraphers,  art schools. In 2005, I created the Atelier du Caractère which offered  medieval calligraphy and Illumination fundamentals for communities as colleges, associations, museums, media libraries. And in 2019, I launched my arts and crafts business  Loire Valley Illuminations, also  offering  event calligraphy in addition to my workshops. "